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Landscaping Services

Sep 12

When you need Cleveland Landscaping Services to design, install or maintain gardens and lawns, you can turn to a variety of providers. Some offer a full range of landscape services, from designing an entire outdoor environment to providing the materials and completing the installation; others focus on specific types of tasks, such as laying sod or planting trees and shrubs. Still others specialize in a particular type of project, such as fencing or water features.

The type of landscaping service you need depends on the size and complexity of your project. For example, if you're looking for someone to create a new garden, you'll want a landscaping company that can design the layout of the plants and flowers, provide a cost estimate and construct the fences, paths or walls that are needed. Some landscapers can also supply or install irrigation systems and ponds, if necessary.

You might also hire a landscaper to perform routine maintenance on your yard, such as mowing, trimming or weeding. In these cases, a landscaping service can help you get the most out of your lawn and keep it healthy by performing other tasks such as aeration, mulching and fertilizing. Some can prune shrubs and bushes, plant or remove flowers and trees, and install wood chips, pavers and rock gardens.

Other services you might need from a landscaping company include removing invasive plants, creating or enhancing water features, and installing erosion control measures. The landscaping company may also be able to help you select the right plants and trees for your property and provide advice on how to care for them. When choosing a landscaping service, look for one that provides a free consultation and estimates before beginning any work. It's also important to find out whether the landscaping company will take the necessary precautions before digging, such as calling 811 to have underground utility lines located and marked.

In the Greater New York City area, Miguel Pons Landscaping Llc offers landscaping, turf installation and shrub care services. Founded in 2010, this local business is known for its reliability and straightforward pricing. Its technicians can work with native trees, shrubs and flowers to add privacy, reduce energy bills, improve curb appeal and increase property value. They can even help you install hedges and bushes that act as natural fences, as well as handle large properties that require detailed landscape design to ensure everything is planted properly.

When choosing a landscaping service, consider how much you're willing to spend per month and the size of your yard. Generally speaking, homeowners can expect to pay $100 to $200 a month for general maintenance, including mowing and trimming.

Some landscaping companies offer seasonal and specialty services such as gutter cleaning, edging, soil audits and pest control. Some also offer bundled services, such as spring or fall clean-up packages, which can be more affordable than purchasing the services separately.

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