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When is the perfect moment to trim your palm trees

Jul 3


Florida's palm trees have been enjoyed for thousands of years. The good news is that we've had ample time to research how to best care for the trees. One of these practices is trimming! The process of trimming involves cutting off brown or dying fronds in order to improve your palm's appearance and encourage healthy growth. Though many property owners believe that trimming can be performed every year, it's not the case.

It is recommended to cut the palm tree's fronds during the spring months to maintain your tree in good condition. To guard your palm tree from harsher conditions, it is suggested to not trim in winter. Read on to learn the reason why it is crucial to cut your palm trees at the right time of year.


To protect the good health of your tree keep your palms trimmed during the spring time

Many people believe that palm fronds should be cut as soon as they become brown or begin to dry. This isn't always the case. To keep your palm in top condition it is vital to trim it before it starts to flower in the spring season. This ensures that your palm tree recovers with ease after trimming and grow new, healthy fronds.


The palms of your hands should not be cut prior to the spring season, if they have already started to bloom. Browning fronds can be a sight for homeowners. But, they can reduce stress on your palms caused by the Florida heat.


Are you missing the spring window to trim? You're not alone! To protect your tree from the summer heat, allow the old fronds on the palm tree remain in the tree throughout summer long. For more information, contact local tree company in georgetown Ky.


The colder months are upon us and palm growth is expected to slow down, if it doesn't stop completely. That means that if you trim the current fronds and your palm is not going to recover in the same speed as it did in the spring. The browning of fronds can be an unpleasant sight but they are better for your palm to keep them in place throughout winter. Like fronds protect your palm from summer heat, they will serve as protection throughout the colder weather, too. Without them, your palm could be subjected to stress that is not needed that could result in the potential of having repair the damage and bring it back to health.


To set up your palm tree trimming appointment Contact us today!

Georgetown Tree Service is available to provide support and assistance for property owners. We understand how tempting it can be to trim the browning or dry-up branches so that your palm trees look great. Pruning too quickly can do more harm than it is worth. You can keep the health and beauty of your palm tree by following these trimming tips.


Tree removal specialists near me We are your local palm tree experts. Since 1989, we have been assisting your friends and neighbors. We can trim palms , as well as other trees, and help with cleanup after storms.


If you need tree removal in Georgetown and Ky, which are available to anyone who lives in the area, contact our team via phone to. You can count on our experts to take care of your trees with care, and to make sure to keep them in good shape.



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