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Tips to Handle Leaky Fireplaces

Jun 28


Roof leaks can occur anyplace in your home's roof. However, the majority of roof leaks are found around chimneys and skylights.

The leaky chimney could lead to costly issues. This includes ceiling staining, warping of drywall insulation saturation, mold growth, and damage to the inside of your home.


Do not make the mistake of ignoring small leaks and causing serious harm, if you notice your chimney is leaking in the midst of bad weather.

Why Chimneys are prone to leak

What causes chimney leaks in the beginning?


Five Major Causes for Chimney Leaks:

  • Missing or damaged chimney cap

  • Crown of the chimney is cracked

  • Flashing problems

  • Leaky bricks

  • Faulty chimney liner

One of the main reasons is that over time chimneys can develop crevices and cracks that allow water to get inside. Furthermore, the sections of steel that are positioned at the edges between the chimneys and roof, referred to as roof flashing, can come loose or break due to strong winds or other adverse weather conditions.


An improper chimney flashing setup can also open up your roof to premature deterioration. A poor chimney flashing system can result in chimney leaks. Instead of keeping rain and snow away from the roof seams, poor flashing can allow moisture into the roof's internal structure. The water seepage could lead to mildew and mold, as well as premature aging of the roof.

How to Handle Leaky Chimneys: Repairs and Inspection Tips

So what do you do? Start by hiring tile roof phoenix to inspect your home and fix any issues promptly.


When the roofer arrives to inspect your chimney any signs of damage:


  • Broken bricks and stones

  • Loose mortar joints

  • Cracks in the foundation of the chimney

  • Flashing that is degraded

After a thorough inspection, that will likely comprise chimneys, vents skylights, every area of flashing, and your home's drainage systems check, proper repairs will be needed. Depending on the severity of the damage as well as the source of the leak, tile roof repair Mesa Az experts may be able to seal brick or stone cracks, and apply a water repellent to prevent further leaks. Here you need to hire Advosy Roofing for professional support of roof tile repair in phoenix. If the chimney material isn't damaged or damaged, the water leak could be due to flashing damage. Flashing is a piece of metal that is placed around the base of the chimney and then is covered with shingles. It is used to stop water from infiltrating. While some flashing can be repaired using the correct tools, flashing that has been exposed to water or weather damages could require the removal of shingles by a contractor in order to make room for new flashing.


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