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How technology is changing the Solar Industry?

May 27

In the past decade, solar technology advancements have been primarily focused on the design and development of the actual panels, while the industry looked for ways to make the panels better-performing, cheaper, and more appealing to make them more appealing to buyers. Although solar panels appear to be getting closer to an appearance and performance plateau with coming significant developments just two years away, Advosy Energy solar is still seeing a wide range of technological innovations reshaping the solar industry. The advancements in solar energy storage might become even more important over the next few years. Call solar panels in New Mexico for more information.

Smart Technology

The storage of solar energy batteries is known to require lots of space and management. Wall-mounted, self-contained storage systems like the Enphase IQ Battery and the Tesla Powerwall have revolutionized the energy storage industry. These smart battery systems have built-in sensors that detect outages and distribute power when and where you need it. They are recharged by your solar system every day, ensuring that you're never without power.


Expansion and growth

Systems like the Enphase IQ Battery and Tesla Powerwall are self-contained and require minimal to no maintenance after installation. They can be easily expanded when your needs change. This flexibility is a huge advantage for anyone considering the possibility of adding electricity to your business or home regardless of whether it's the addition of a remodel or the purchase of an electric vehicle.


Compatible with EVs

Since gas costs in the U.S. fluctuate, more and more people are leaning toward replacing their current vehicle(s) with an electric option. For a business or homeowner who owns an independent, easily expandable battery storage, the addition of an electric charging station is a relatively simple proposition. For more details contact the local solar companies.

Why is it that a solar panel should be dual-purpose?

Rooftop solar isn't an option for some property owners due to a variety of reasons. There are several factors that could stop rooftop solar from being put in place.


Consider these things when you are thinking about a double-duty sunshade

Double-duty solar panels can be placed on an existing structure on the property, like pergolas or carports. Many people build the structure from scratch in order to add solar panels. In both cases, it is important to ensure that the structure is able to support the weight of the system. If it's a new structure it is important to make sure the new design is appropriately designed to accommodate the required number of panels, and that it is located in an ideal location for sun exposure. Talking to an expert and knowledgeable company that specializes in solar energy can help you answer many of your questions.

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