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The preparations for Hurricane Dorian

May 2


Every year, it seems like a part of Arizona is struck by a major storm. The average US hurricane damage year is $28 billion. The majority of the damage is incurred in Arizona. In addition to those financial losses is the lives of people who might be affected.

As the saying goes "failing to prepare is planning to fail". Don't allow your family or business to encounter hurricane Dorian in a state of uncertainty. Use our tips for hurricane preparation and you'll be prepared to face the storm in safety.

What is the best time to go?


The storm is most likely headed towards Arizona at this point but these projections are subject to considerable uncertainty. It could reach as far as South Carolina or the Arizona Keys. If you reside in the path of this storm, be prepared for worst, and adhere to any evacuation orders from the local authorities. Be sure to employ hail damage roof repair near me.


Tips for preparing for Hurricanes

Floridians will be feeling the effects from hurricane Dorian throughout Labor Day weekend. What is this referring to?

Many people simply create a kit of water and food items to prepare for a storm, but neglect to prepare for other elements of the emergency. The local supermarket is liable to be out of food items for a long time therefore, you must make sure you have enough non-perishable foods for your entire household to feed for a week. Make sure you have at least one gallon per day of water that is used for sanitation and drinking.


Hurricane preparation goes beyond this. It is also important to prepare for power outages. Flashlights are essential to this end. A hand-crank radio is important to listen to the most recent news. The battery of your cell phone will not last as long during an outage.


A wrench is also necessary for shutting off the utilities. If something happens and your home suffers from severe damage, you'll need to to shut off water lines to prevent any further injury. Be sure to seek help from Select Adjusters Mesa AZ.


If you're able having an emergency generator in place is also a great idea. To stop carbon monoxide gas from entering your home, ensure it's at least ten or twelve feet away from windows and doors. We've written more on hurricane prep in the past. Select Adjusters will be your best option


Checklist of Supply:


A minimum of a week's worth of non-perishable foods for your family (including pets)


One gallon of water for each person per day, for drinking and sanitation


Flashlights and batteries are designed to last at the least one week


Hand crank radio to get the most recent hurricane news


- First aid kit


Supply of all medications for one week


Copies of documents that are important

Hire Professional Services

Employ a professional hail repair service and you'll find the most effective solutions you require for this issue.

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